Teaching Philosophy, and using popular music…

Philosophy & Religion Video Interviews

Dr David Webster from the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics team at the University of Gloucestershire in conversation with Dr Robin James about using popular music in the teaching of philosophy.

71DZx1fVCZLRobin James is Associate Professor of Philosophy at UNC Charlotte. She is author of two books: Resilience & Melancholy: pop music, feminism, and neoliberalism  and The Conjectural225._altBody: gender, race and the philosophy of music.Her work on feminism, race, contemporary continental philosophy, pop music, and sound studies has appeared in The New Inquiry, Noisey, SoundingOut!, Hypatia, differences, Contemporary Aesthetics, and the Journal of Popular Music Studies. She is also a digital sound artist and musician, and often works as a member of citation:obsolete.

See Robin’s blog at http://www.its-her-factory.com/


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Peter Tatchell: Organised Religion and Human Rights.

Writer and activist Peter Tatchell spoke at the University of Gloucestershire last week. Here is the video of his lecture and the discussion that followed.

Philosophy & Religion Video Interviews

This is the video of a lecture by Peter Tatchell entitled: ‘Organised Religion: The greatest global threat to human rights?’

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PTposterJuly15The Peter Tatchell Foundation has its website at: http://www.petertatchellfoundation.org/ 

This event was jointly organised by Gloucestershire Humanists, Swindon Humanists, Gloucestershire Philosophical Society, and The School of Humanities (at the University of Gloucestershire).

It took place at the FCH Campus of the University, in Cheltenham, on July 16th, 2015.

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Tyler’s Triumph: UoG lecturer wins $10,000 Journey Prize

Our Creative Writing colleague Tyler has won the Writers’ Trust of Canada Prize. Many congratulations, Tyler!

UOG Creative Writing

Glenn gould studioOn Saturday we blogged about Tyler Keevil, the University of Gloucestershire’s BA Course Leader for Creative Writing, being shortlisted for the prestigious Writers’ Trust of Canada Journey Prize. Well… he’s only gone and won it! Congratulations to Tyler who was announced as the winner of the $10,000 prize for his brilliant short story ‘Sealskin’. The award ceremony was held at Toronto’s famous Glenn Gould Studio (pictured), and the judges said “‘Sealskin’ is a stunner. Tyler Keevil has accomplished something rare: a story about rough masculinity that brims with emotion and pathos.”

'Why the **** did I say that about the bean bags?' ‘Why the **** did I say that about the bean bags?’

It’s still the early am in Toronto, but in a few hours we imagine Keevil will be waking with a sense of achievement, a fuzzy head, and a little bit of regret. Why, he’ll ask himself, did I rashly promise that if I won I’d equip the Creative Writing…

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